You are currently viewing Fleetwood Reaches Out to Help Jobless, Ex-offenders

Fleetwood’s life has moved across a chessboard of glitz, glamour, crime and violence. His “My Space” website shows him standing with famous Hip Hop recording artists and there are photos of attractive young ladies. However says he was a “playa” before he realized he was being “played.” A graduate with a PhD from the proverbial School of Hard Knocks, he was only 12 when he “first got into trouble.” Later on, Fleetwood would spend 17 years in and out of jail for mostIy drug-related convictions. He was also arrested once for assaulting a police officer. Today, at age 42, Fleetwood (the only name he cares to use for publication) has matured, turned his life around, and is helping to rescue many others. He conducts workshops at Juvenile Hall, serves as a peer counselor al several homeless shelters in San Francisco, and works with numerous nonprofits that offer positive alternatives to the unforgiving sheets.

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