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I can remember clearly getting out of jail time after time, then going back to my same old neighborhood with a slicker plan to beat the system, but not realizing what a force destructive force I had been to my community.

I didn’t realize how much of an eyesore I had become to the beautification of my own neighbor-hood and how I had truly worn out my welcome.
Homeowners definitely didn’t want me there depreciating the value of their homes. Even local merchants, no matter how many blunts and 40
ounces I bought from them, still felt I was bad for their business.

Then there was the opposition whom once had “street problems” with; they definitely didn’t want me around;  or if they did it was because they were
looking to set me up so they could kill me for some past situation.

I was faced with the reality that the only place that I knew of as “home” the same blocks I traveled as a young soul, were no longer the friendly safe haven I had known.

I had choices to make if I was going to make a successful re-entry into my community and not end back up in jail or killed. I had to change my life.

My first step was to ask God for forgiveness. I knew I needed to get on my knees and ask God exactly what He wanted me to do. I also had to conclude that I wasn’t wanted in “my” neighborhood any and I would have to earn that right if I wanted to go back and live there. I need to go around and apologize to all the people I had hurt.

I needed to go to local church in the community and connect with some positive people who were willing to give me a second chance. For me, this was the only way.

Although I recommend God to everyone we all have to choose our own path back once we realize we want to make a change in our Iives.  I took this route and it worked for me.

Maybe my way isn’t for everyone but it worked for me so it’s possible that it might work for you, too.
But whatever you do when you get out, you must realize that you were part of the destruction of your own community and there is a good chance people haven’t forgotten. However, in time and with intentions you can make them forget and forgive.

Whatever you do keep God close to you in this devilish world and you can’t go wrong.

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