Proven Programs that Transform Lives

Homeboy Hotline Programs

Reentry interventions implementing the preparation and urgent resources needed, particularly within the first 72 hours of release from jail or prison. During this critical time that healing, supportive and effective connections to ensure freedom and eradicate recidivism. 

We are the “72 Hours of Hope”…we are the sign that is posted along the road of redemption, assisting with guidance and direction towards a life of change that will lead them to a successful and sustainable transition.

A series of innovative programs modules that address:

  • the obstacles individuals face during the pre- and post-release period of transition
  • to the community
  • to the family unit

A collection of evidence-based strategies that help build individual personal tools:

  • promote economic self-sufficiency
  • develop personal
  • social responsibility
  • sustain a productive life and practical skills

Our Objectives

  • Builds an in-custody conceptual framework
  • Strategic plan to support productive behavior
  • Identify behaviors that impede a successful post-release experience
  • Belief systems and values
  • Understanding the obstacles of successfully returning to the community
  • Self-respect and personal integrity
  • The Family is Together, Now What?
  • Family concerns pre- and post-release
  • Using a holistic approach that is inclusive of family

What We Do

  • Offers a continuum of support from in-custody to out-of-custody
  • Interactive mentorship programs helps participants negotiate obstacles during the preliminary stages of re-entry
  • Restorative justice (classes and workshops)
  • Accessing appropriate support through strategic community networks