The road to redemption
begins with
72 hours of hope

We are a reentry program providing the urgent resources needed, particularly
within the first 72 hours of release from the prison industrial complex.

Homeboy Hotline founder Robert "Fleetwood" Bowden fights to eradicate recidivism

The Homeboy Hotline (HBH), founded by Robert “Fleetwood” Bowden, is a reentry program providing the urgent resources needed, particularly within the first 72 hours of release from the prison industrial complex.  For it is during this critical time that healing, supportive and effective connections have to be made to ensure freedom and eradicate recidivism.  This is why we are the “72 Hours of Hope”…we are the sign that is posted along the road of redemption, assisting our brothers and sisters with guidance and direction towards a life of change that will lead them to becoming productive members of our community.

What We Do

Homeboy Hotline has connected youths, pre and post-released women and men, families, and neighborhoods since 2001. We emphasize benefits to all stakeholders affected by crime/violence, poverty, mental health, employment, creative arts, and/or life skills. And our guided innovative/evidence-based efforts and linkages to a network of resources from community-based organizations (local and national). are the heart and urgency of Robert Fleetwood Bowden and our team as the guiding light of the organization.

Interactive Mentorship

Interactive mentorship programs helps participants negotiate obstacles during the preliminary stages of re-entry

Motivational Speaking

Passionate, informative and inspirational speeches to underserved and at-risk youths


Innovative program to help unlock pre-post release individuals purpose, allowing them to get jobs, start businesses, feel good about themselves, and be better partners and parents

Zephy Films

Teaches that film making is about marketing and promotion, talking to people, writing pitches, politics, friendships, energy, talk to people, multi-task, write/re-write, and film festival circles, use as platform for social justice issues

Positive Employment Services

Promoting economic self-sufficiency, developing personal and social responsibility, and sustaining a productive life.


We are a community-based organization which our services menu includes comprehensive/inclusive program design, individualized empowerment/ building of our constituents, and extension to families/community mobilization.

7 States & Expanding

For our sisters and brothers that are returning home from incarceration, there are more things that are needed than just employment. There are certain resources that would benefit and even increase their likelihood of success. This is what we are aiming for by providing ALL the necessary tools in order to ensure the success, prosperity and enrichment of sisters and brothers returning to our communities and families.

40% Positive Impact

Upon completing module 40% of the participants will indicate the impact of Homeboy Hotline  programming using a participant satisfaction survey

40% Didn't Return to Custody

Within a 2 month period 40% of participants who were released and returned back to their community and who participated in Homeboy Hotline modules will demonstration will not return to custody

Who is it for?

HBH is not gender specific and will provide the same services to each active participant regardless of race, sex, gender, citizenship or class. HBH primary goal is to increase the streams of open communication between the population of ex-offenders in the targeted areas and potential employers in the surrounding areas.

See Us at Work

Watch accomplished author, rap artist, producer, filmmaker, and community activist Robert “Fleetwood” Bowden deliver an inspiring speech of personal empowerment to motivate a group of troubled youth in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Whatever you do, stay close to GOD and what you want, won't be far from you.

Help Us Fight to Eradicate Recidivism

We are seeking sponsorship, financial support and key stakeholders involvement to support and promote our project.

We, take this opportunity to invite you to be a Sponsor with us, and be part of our endeavor

We have resources available in multiple states