Providing Success After Reentry


We are dedicated to supporting young men through the obstacles they face with returning to society from prison. We provide each inmate the necessary real-world business skills and support system so that they will succeed to live a healthy, fulfilling and productive life.   

One of the most difficult obstacles to conquer when reentering into society from prison is the transition into normal life. Program participants will receive job skills, job placement, and workshop training such as computer literacy, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Facilitating Successful Reentry with Literacy and Entrepreneurship programs

  • Innovative program to help unlock pre-post release individuals purpose, allowing them to get jobs, start businesses, feel good about themselves, and be better partners and parents
  • The best shot at a second chance
  • Holistic and confidence-building program prepares participants to rewrite their future with comprehensive employment-readiness, healthy habits, and entrepreneurship tools