Free Services and Programs for People Formerly Incarcerated

America Works, Inc.
6810 Third Avenue, Ground Floor Brooklyn, NY 11220 / Phone: 718.833.5042 / Offers job readiness training and job placement for ex-offenders and low-income individuals in New York City.

Bowery Residents’ Committee (BRC)
131 West 25th Street, 12th Floor New York, NY 10001 / Phone: 212.803.5700 / Helps recently-released individuals—particularly those with mental health needs—find housing and other services.

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations (BWI)
621 DeGraw Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 / Phone: 718.237.2017 / Offers free vocational training and job training in a variety of industries. Train to become a network cable technician, woodworker or cabinetmaker, production assistant in the film and television industry or commercial driver. Most require a valid driver’s license, but BWI’s “New York Drives” program provides free driving instruction and job readiness training.

The Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES)
346 Broadway, Third Floor New York, NY 10013 / Phone: 212.732.0076 / Provides alternative sentencing options for young adults and mentally ill offenders; connects parolees with community-based treatment options; and helps young people enter the educational system after detention.

Center for Community Alternatives
25 Chapel Street, Seventh Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201 / Phone:
718.858.9658 / Provides young offenders approaching release with post-release case management, employment and educational services, and legal assistance via the Re-entry Clinic. Special programs for HIV-positive and at-risk women.

Center for Employment Opportunities
32 Broadway, New York, NY 10004 / Phone: 212.422.4430 / Provides job readiness and placement services to men and women returning from prison to NYC. The Neighborhood Work Project offers immediate, paid, short-term employment and prepares participants with needed skills to reenter workforce.

The College Initiative
29-76 Northern Boulevard Long Island City, NY 11101/ Phone: 347.669.2864 / Affiliated with the Fortune Society, the College Initiative assists formerly incarcerated men and women in the metropolitan area in beginning or continuing their education at public universities and private colleges. College preparation classes, assistance with financial aid forms, tutoring, and one-on-one educational counseling and guidance are provided.

The DOE Fund Ready, Willing and Able Program (Three Locations)
Three Locations:
520 Gates Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216 / Phone : 718.628.3223 ; Harlem: 2960 Frederick Douglass Boulevard New York, NY  10039 / Phone : 212.690.6480 ; Peter J. Sharp Center for Opportunity: 89 Porter Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11237 / Phone: 718.417.2500 / Provides ex-offenders with employment, mentoring, job training, substance abuse counseling, housing and other services to assist participants in overcoming joblessness and homelessness. Must be referred by probation or parole officer.

Exodus Transitional Community
2271 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10035 / Phone: 917.492.0990 / Offers workshops about attitudes, life skills, employment assessment and basic computer skills. Ex-offenders have mock interviews, develop resumes and are sent out on job interviews. Provides assistance to ex-offenders who committed violent crimes as well as other ex-offenders.

151 West 26th Street, Third Floor New York, NY 10001 / Phone: 212.243.3434 / Provides drug abuse treatment, HIV counseling, life skills training, mentoring, outreach and risk reduction services, and hosts a Former Prisoner Symposium five times per year that teaches life skills and job readiness.
Fifth Avenue Committee

Developing Justice
621 DeGraw Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 / Phone: 718.237.2017 /Offers vocational training, housing assistance and peer counseling services to ex-offenders and those with a pending criminal case. Also organizes Community Justice Workshops for family and friends of offenders.

The Fortune Society
39 West 19th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10011 / Phone: 212.206.7070 / Provides counseling, tutoring and job placement, and serves as a referral agency for drug/alcohol addiction programs and other social services. Offers HIV services and information about housing in shelters. Intake services available at the counseling department in Manhattan at 53 West 23rd Street on the 7th Floor, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Individuals must show up at 8 AM. Provides assistance to ex-offenders who committed violent crimes as well as other ex-offenders.

Getting Out & Staying Out (GOSO)
91 East 116th Street New York, NY  10029 / Phone: 212-831-5020 / Assists ex-offenders age 16-24 by providing counseling and giving referrals for mental health and drug treatment needs, anger management, and emergency housing.

Greenhope Services for Women, Inc.
435 East 119th Street New York, NY 10035 / Phone: 212.996.8633 / Residential and day treatment and counseling for substance abuse for women parolees. Also offers vocational counseling, training and workshops for female ex-offenders.

Hour Children
13-07 37th Ave Long Island City, NY 11101 / Phone: (718)-433-4724 / Supports children of incarcerated women and empowers currently or formerly incarcerated women to find education and employment. Provides childcare, housing, counseling and matching services.

Legal Action Center
225 Varick Street New York, NY 10014 / Phone: 212.243.1313 / Provides legal assistance to ex-offenders and others who feel discriminated against in employment. Will help in the process of obtaining and correcting “rap sheets.” Extensive information available on Web site.

MFY Legal Services, Inc.
299 Broadway, Fourth Floor New York, NY 10007 / Phone: 212.417.3700 / Free legal services to those in need, including ex-offenders.

New York City Justice Corps (Two Locations)
Joseph Rice, Program Manager, Phipps CDC at Dempsey Multi Service Center / 127 West 127th Street, Room 123
New York, NY 10027 / Phone: 917.243.7000

Deymis Baquero, Phipps Community Development Corporation / 1409 Fulton Avenue, Bronx, NY 10456 / Phone: 347.329.4004
Recruits recently incarcerated residents age 18 to 24 from Harlem and South Bronx for a program which includes case management and job readiness programs. Places them in internships in their field and provides ongoing support once they have joined the workforce fulltime.

New York Public Library’s Connections
An online directory of organizations that help with the adjustment back into the community. Includes counseling, substance abuse, housing, job training and education services. Hard copies of the directory are available at many Brooklyn Public Library locations.

Osborne Association (Several Locations)
175 Remsen Street, Suite 800, Brooklyn, NY 11201 / Phone: 718.637.6560
809 Westchester Ave., Bronx NY, 10455 / Phone: 718-707-2600
Offers programs on adopting healthy lifestyles, reconnecting families, achieving economic independence and workforce development, including job placement assistance. Also offers programs for children of incarcerated parents.

Palladia Parole Transition Program (PTP)
1806-1808 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10029 / Phone: 212-348-7548
A 90 to 120 day residential treatment program for men with drug-related felony convictions. Provides substance abuse and counseling services, plus assistance in finding permanent housing. Admission is by referral through the New York State Division of Parole.

Providence House
703 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221 / Phone: 718.455.0197
Provides temporary housing for women on parole and their children, and includes referrals for permanent housing and job training.

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center
62 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217 / Phone: 718.622.7166
Substance abuse rehabilitation and counseling for ex-offenders and others.

Streetwise Partners
594 Broadway, Suite 510, New York, NY 10012 / Phone: 646.705.0029
Builds mentoring relationships between low-income individuals age 18-50—including ex-offenders—and volunteer business professionals to develop workplace skills and experience. Online application and basic computer skills required.

240 East 123rd Street, New York, NY 10035 / Phone: 212.360.1100
A 3-4 week program focused on developing the proper attitude, communication skills and basic computer skills for employment, followed by assistance with placement into full-time employment.

Women in Need, Inc.
115 West 31st Street, 7th floor, New York, NY 10001 / Phone: 212.695.4758
Offers transitional housing, alcohol and substance abuse counseling to homeless and disadvantaged women and their families, including ex-offenders. Also provides referrals for employment services and training.

Women’s Prison Association (WPA) Re-entry Services
Headquarters: 110 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10003 / Phone: 646-292-7740
Contact: Yolanda Johnson-Peterkin, Director of Program Operations for Reentry Services / Phone: 718-637-6877
Provides a variety of services for female ex-offenders, such as job readiness programs, HIV counseling, peer mentoring, and assistance in finding housing.