Reducing Recidivism with Opportunity

Positive Employment Services

“Nothing will change until you Change” is a partnership with the Atlanta Adult Probation department. Our program goal is to provide housing expungement, and employment opportunities for offenders and ex-offenders thru resume preparation, cognitive skills, computer literacy, and job readiness skills. Our program creates a culture of post-release offender employment readiness and includes work readiness assessment conducted at entry, at periodic points during employment, and at the end of employment. Upon completion of this 8-week series participants will obtain employment leads from our database and in collaboration with MARC (Metro Atlanta Reentry Coalition)
Our outcomes of program effectiveness include 70% of participants who complete the Phase I hard and soft skills training successfully achieving employment retention beyond 60 days. Our method is essential for linking offenders and ex-offenders with work in the community and is the first step in developing a workforce development culture

Understanding personal needs and achieving stability

  • Vocational counseling (training in interview skills and job applications)
  • Employment expectations (skills to becoming a good employee)
  • Changing perception/mindset (attitude is everything)
  • Mentorship (alumni and volunteers)
  • Education (including basic reading and writing)
  • Mental and emotional health (support groups, AA, NA, mediation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy)

Accessing appropriate support through strategic community networks

  • Intensive job coaching (one-on-one assessment of needs)
  • Advocacy (pinpointing problems at work and working towards solutions)
  • Alumni giving back (mentorship)
  • Restorative practices (safe talking and healing circles)