Reducing Recidivism with Opportunity

Positive Employment Services

Positive Employment Services provides guidance and tools to ensure positive and successful pre and post employment experiences.

We offer a continuum of support during the job seeking phase, which provides stability while the participant is in this transitional stage. Continued participation in support groups and interactive mentorship programs helps participants negotiate obstacles during the preliminary stages of job readiness and job seeking.

Understanding personal needs and achieving stability

  • Vocational counseling (training in interview skills and job applications)
  • Employment expectations (skills to becoming a good employee)
  • Changing perception/mindset (attitude is everything)
  • Mentorship (alumni and volunteers)
  • Education (including basic reading and writing)
  • Mental and emotional health (support groups, AA, NA, mediation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy)

Accessing appropriate support through strategic community networks

  • Intensive job coaching (one-on-one assessment of needs)
  • Advocacy (pinpointing problems at work and working towards solutions)
  • Alumni giving back (mentorship)
  • Restorative practices (safe talking and healing circles)