Robert Fleetwood Bowden & Zephy Films

 Ex-offender turned Founder and Director of The Homeboy Hotline , Robert “Fleetwood” Bowden is committed to the plight of formerly incarcerated individuals and helping them to establish the resources necessary to cultivate a productive life in free society. Specifically, the Homeboy Hotline is a re-entry program which seeks to assist ex-offenders in their transition back into the community in the San Francisco Bay Area. His accomplishments earned Fleetwood an appointment by the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco to the Re-entry Council of San Francisco.

Addressing Reentry through Film

  • Associate Arts Degree in Music Engineering from Music Tech in Minneapolis
  • Publish three books; Hip Hop Tried 2 Kill Me (National Best Seller), Bloodtest, and Daddy was Uh Mobsta.
  • Made his directorial debut with the documentary, I JUST WANNA BALL; The story of the 2013 Lady Warriors of McClymonds High School Girls basketball team in Oakland, California, who were crowned champions after 37 years. The real victory, however, was the triumphs the players were able to overcome off the court.
  • In early 2015, Fleetwood released his second film, DA COTTON PICKAS; the intergenerational story of a sharecropper, the effects of sharecropping and its impact on contemporary society.
  • Both films incorporate soundtracks with powerful songs written, performed and produced by Fleetwood.
  • The second installment of DA COTTON PICKAS film series (GIMMIE-REPARATIONS) is currently in production.
  • Other creative projects include a narrative television series based on his experiences with The Homeboy Hotline.

Addressing Reentry through Film

  • Teaches that filmmaking is not only about shooting, but also knowing editing software, having patience, and determination
  • Also about marketing and promotion, talking to people, writing pitches, politics, friendships, energy, talk to people, multi-task, write/re-write, and film festival circles, use as platform for social justice issues
  • It takes a lot of courage to continually keep on trying and failing (not getting where one wants to get), then trying again full of hope and excitement about the new project

Da Cotton Pickas Motivational Speaking at the Dream Center